Unlike traditional gallery websites, AREA 154 TOKYO offers a short video introduction that allows visitors to view art from home without visiting the gallery, customers to be served remotely, and for even those who are not so interested in art to learn more about art. For those who are more interested in art, we also have special, limited-edition, public viewings of some of our works.
We have chosen this gallery name with the aim to spread our art from here in Setagaya, Tokyo (AREA 154) to the world. We may speak different languages, but we can understand each other through art. We hope that our art will reach everyone.

  • Gallery Name
    AREA 154 TOKYO
  • Representative
    Kazuma Seki
  • Address
    1-21-10 Shimoma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Operationg Company
    Add Happiness Co.,Ltd
  • Establishment
    January 2022
  • Tel