In fact, the space is reproduced as if you were in an art gallery.

   Visitors can view new art from anywhere in the world, and if they like a particular piece, they can actually see it in the store or purchase it.

   Please contact us for more information on how to purchase.

   We can also provide a video call to explain the art by appointment only.

   You can connect to the actual store from the comfort of your own home and receive online customer service while viewing the artwork in the store.

   By using the service from your home, you can consult with the staff via video call about the artwork that fits the atmosphere of the room, as well as the availability of the artwork you would like to display in the store.

   You can also discuss gift selection for your loved ones.

   If you have a small concern about art or something you have been wanting to ask but couldn't, we will be happy to help you.

   We hope you will feel free to ask questions from the comfort of your own home via video call.